– raw: ReichsbahnAusbesserungsWerk

– historical railway maintenance, reperation, overhaul facilities; closed in 1995 (exception: Talgo)

– since 1999 intercultural projects organised by RAW-tempel e.V.

– today: the heart of street art in berlin; beautiful graffiti everywhere;

– and: lots of culture and sports, concert halls, clubs, galleries, street food, flea and christmas markets, open air cinema and gastronomy

– unclear future: area is bought up by big investors (developing big scale appartments), development plan of the “bezirk” prefers culture & clubbing

– more info: http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/raw-gelaende-in-berlin-friedrichshain-veto-gegen-wohnungsbau-an-der-revaler-strasse/9998460.html; http://www.berliner-zeitung.de/berlin/raw-gelaende-in-friedrichshain-street-food-ist-das-neue-clubbing,10809148,28305674.html

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