Neu West Berlin:

– Neu West Berlin is a 5000-square-meter multifaceted Contemporary Arts Space located in the Köpenickerstraße 55, near the Jannowitzbrücke and Heinrich Heine Strasse U-Bahn stations. The sprawling space is divided between 9 floors and contains numerous studios, ateliers, a café, bar and exhibition spaces.

– The 9 story building is one of the last industrialised apartment blocks from the GDR-Regime. Neu West Berlin took the initiative to establish an Art & Workshop space in the 5000-square-meter building.

– More than 40 national and international artists from the fields of painting, sculpture, film, music, etc.. as well as representatives from the fields of fashion and performance art have already been established and more are being added daily.

– This is the 3rd art project from the organisers at Neu West Berlin. This year we will host a variety of onsite exhibitions and showcase a range of events.

– Neu West Berlin boasts an unique event space in our back garden with almost 4,000 square meters, complete with our very own amphitheatre, fully equipped bar and Berlin Wall Gallery. Whether it’s event space for concerts, dinner parties, presentations or any other individual requirements you may have, we are happy to assist you in the successful completion of your project.

– the project will finish in spring 2015

– more info:

2 thoughts on “NEU WEST BERLIN

  1. Lohnt sich dort noch ein Besuch oder gibt es das Gebäude nicht mehr? Konnte ich aus der Webseite nicht wirklich rauslesen, du selbst schreibst ja, das es 2015 geschlossen wurde.


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