idea: documenting the east side gallery 25 years after the fall of the berlin wall

why: i live in berlin-friedrichshain just a few hunred meters away from the east side gallery; i like the fluidity, the diversity, the freedom of kreuzberg-friedrichshain; walls are built and teared down; ideas/things/feelings/peoples are coming and going; quarters are growing and shrinking; we can´t stop this process; that´s life; but sometimes it´s worth to pause for a moment, to keep the presence, to make some pictures, to document; maybe it could be interesting in a few years…we never know…

east side gallery: east side gallery in berlin-friedrichshain: the longest still preserved part of the wall; more than 1,3 km long; in 1990 designed and themed by 118 artists from allover the world; 2009 replications

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